Tuesday, March 9, 2010

General Netiquette

When we talk about netiquette, what pattern that you guyz tend to follow and choose? Is it Bad? Good? Equal? Doesn't matter? Break the rules or what? Actually, the netiquette can be classified into many types, depend on which one you want to write to, given to, express to and etc. In this column, let's talk about netiquette in e-mail.. Here are some guidelines that you guyz can considered when sending email to other people..

-->Beware what you write.

Never e-mail anything that you wouldn't want to see published somewhere else. Your messages can be forwarded anywhere by anyone who gets them. Don't put confidential, personal or legally sensitive information in e-mail messages.

-->Think before you act.

The immediacy of online communication begs for irrationally instant outbursts. Written notes have greater permanence than intemperate utterances. Wait a few minutes (or hours or days) before firing your missiles. If an offensive remark is made, agree to disagree. Don't flame and don't get into a flame war.

-->Be concise.

Keep your email short, brief and to the point. Make sure it clearly expresses your thoughts and ideas.

-->Don't send chain letters.

They're not cute or funny to everyone. Most people don't like getting junk mail, and if you're sending e-mail chain letters, you're sending junk mail. If you get one, delete it, don't forward it.

Other than that, these are some of the most basic 'tenets' of netiquette. They can be applied across almost every situation, both in real life and in cyberspace. I know these rules might seem obvious to you, but if I didn't mention them here, this wouldn't be much of a netiquette guide!

-->Be Polite

There's a reason everybody has heard the saying, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' It holds true - both in real life, and in cyberspace! If you stop to consider how your actions will affect others on the internet and in real life, you'll be one of the most respected citizens on the web.

-->Be Patient

Everybody was a 'newbie' at one time or another! Be patient with those who are new to the internet. If someone shows poor netiquette, don't get angry with them. Politely respond and inform them of their error. Usually, the other person will be thankful for the advice, and you'll find yourself making a new friend. Occasionally, you'll bump into someone that you just don't see eye to eye with. In those cases, sometimes all you can do is agree to disagree.

-->Don't Break Any Laws!

Cyberspace is an extension of the real world. Just because you're dealing with computers and not people (at least not directly) doesn't mean the law no longer applies! If it's illegal in the real world, it's probably illegal in cyberspace.


Yes, when you read it, you can find out the real meaning on behind all the things that require us to follow the netiquette. It just not helping you to keep maintaining good relationship with other people, it also give you pleasure and unstressed situation while you are about to write and sending the email. ;)

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