Tuesday, February 9, 2010

downloading and uploading: how people misuse it??

Clearly, downloading and uploading file is very common activities done by internet user nowadays. No matter what songs they want to hear, what video they want to watch, they just simply search and retrieve the related link of web in the internet. However, because of internet providing with such an easy ways of downloading and uploading files, the users just simply misuse it.

It can be proven as the users simply log on into inappropriate web and downloading unreasonable things such as porn and so on. This is all because they are lack of civic realization within themselves. Because of that kind of things done by them also, they just ruined themselves by involving in social problems.. Can't you guyz see the link? By downloading porn movies, they will get influence until involves in that area. Same goes with the uploading activities.

As all of you already know, facebook is the simplest example that i would like to lookin' forward to. It's like a pattern on which the users like to upload their picture regardless if the pictures is appropriate or not. Somehow, they are too daring to upload such a bad thing and showing off their "good" asset. In this case, who should be blame? Downloading and uploading, do you have any idea how serious it can be? It starts only to get update with the latest music and videos but it end up by ruining themselves to the worst.. What say you guyz?? Open your eyes and think for a while..

virus and how to solve it..

Virus is very synonym with our internet cyber system nowadays. This is the things that always being serious effect not only to our system, but it also can interrupt the domain of the system entirely. Why it is happening? it just simply question and simply answer. You are not protecting your laptop well! To avoid that virus destroying your files, you should know the great antivirus that can protect your laptop in first place. you should not take this thing for granted as once the virus attacking your system, it will ruins and destroyed all the document that mostly important to us. There are a long list of antivirus that we can find such as Avira, Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, Panda, Avast and etc, but need to remind that by choosing an antivirus, it must be the proper one and not just simply download the free or trial version. It just not really good practicing of it. don't you think it is okay to spend more in this thing as long as it can serve us with the greatest service ever??

Which one do you prefer guyz??


When we talk about social web, webs such as friendster, myspace, facebook, twitter, tagged and etc. will come crossed in everyone's mind. Am i right? Honestly saying, at first, i even kind not liking to have all this thing. You know? It's too advance for me to have all this, until one day, a friend of mine give me a call and asked me whether i have friendster account. I proudly saying that i don't have any because i just don't like it.. But she convince me what the beneficial by having one.. Oh yes, on that time, (4years ago), friendster is the famous social web ever! Then, i start to create one. After i own one, there are a lot of members that had requested to add me as their friends. it's kind an exciting moment as i am able to make a lot of friends. After a while, i feel bored with friendster and i start to create myspace account. The layout and it's function is much way easier to handle rather than friendster. Same with friendster, after a while dealing with myspace, it just not more than a boring things(eventhough making friend still the main purpose of having myspace).. need to mention that, facebook is already exist and i do have one =) but because of it is hard to play around with it, i am not an active person in facebook.. until a month after i have the account, all my friends are keep bugging me by the facebook and i satrt to get active and explore all the things inside it.. well, until now, i do have 445 friends in total including friends since my primary and secondary school and excluding members from oversea that already in my friends list.. Isn't that nice? regard all of other social web, i most prefer facebook as my source in finding friends.. That's the purpose of the existence of my facebook account.. ;)

Here are the printscreen of FACEBOOK; MYSPACE and FRIENDSTER

to hackers, just stop whatever u r doin', will ya??

Hey there, nowadays, the internet user seems growth in their own population,. As it increase outstandingly in every web and space that joined by them, there are problems occurred at the time of the growing. Yes, people who like to hack other system is perfect with it's name, HACKERS! I do realize these hackers people seem like easy to make other people's system corrupt without learns what the consequences that will facing by those who system are hackered.

"Hey you lousy hackers, just stop what you are doing okay? Just stop it! Don't u think your action will be destroyed other people works"??

Funny right??

It is easy to order and ask them to stop whatever they are doing but is there any chances they will stop what they are doing?? Just think and come out with the solution.. Can you?

this is an example of hacking video that is done by the hacker.. After you guyz watch it, surely, you will impressed with it, but remember guyz, it such cross the ethics!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blogging and Netiquette..??

To be start with, blogging is one of most popular column that has been joined by people from all over the world. By blogging, they can expressed every single thing that crossed in their mind. Unfortunately, nowadays most people just simple write without think first. This can be proven by harsh words using by them that we can easily seen from social network such as facebook, the important social web currently..

Well, we all know that personal blog is free to anyone to express what they want to, but they have to beware with the netiquette, which is the good ethics that need to be look up importantly to avoid any bad impression by people whom following our blog. Regardless not only blogging, but anything relates with the internet.

Once you know the real netiquette and what the relevance by practicing it, you will think wisely first before you will simply write whatever that you want. As for me, i do have my own personal blog and i do use some harsh words before this, but once i already know about the ethic in using internet, i will never write something stupid again.. =)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

assalamualaikum guyz..

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