Tuesday, February 9, 2010

virus and how to solve it..

Virus is very synonym with our internet cyber system nowadays. This is the things that always being serious effect not only to our system, but it also can interrupt the domain of the system entirely. Why it is happening? it just simply question and simply answer. You are not protecting your laptop well! To avoid that virus destroying your files, you should know the great antivirus that can protect your laptop in first place. you should not take this thing for granted as once the virus attacking your system, it will ruins and destroyed all the document that mostly important to us. There are a long list of antivirus that we can find such as Avira, Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, Panda, Avast and etc, but need to remind that by choosing an antivirus, it must be the proper one and not just simply download the free or trial version. It just not really good practicing of it. don't you think it is okay to spend more in this thing as long as it can serve us with the greatest service ever??

Which one do you prefer guyz??


  1. GOOD ONE....but can you recommend a strong anti virus?

  2. as for me, i will recommend u the kaspersky, because im using it right now ;) and currently, im not having any problems on that..