Tuesday, February 9, 2010

to hackers, just stop whatever u r doin', will ya??

Hey there, nowadays, the internet user seems growth in their own population,. As it increase outstandingly in every web and space that joined by them, there are problems occurred at the time of the growing. Yes, people who like to hack other system is perfect with it's name, HACKERS! I do realize these hackers people seem like easy to make other people's system corrupt without learns what the consequences that will facing by those who system are hackered.

"Hey you lousy hackers, just stop what you are doing okay? Just stop it! Don't u think your action will be destroyed other people works"??

Funny right??

It is easy to order and ask them to stop whatever they are doing but is there any chances they will stop what they are doing?? Just think and come out with the solution.. Can you?

this is an example of hacking video that is done by the hacker.. After you guyz watch it, surely, you will impressed with it, but remember guyz, it such cross the ethics!

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