Tuesday, February 9, 2010

downloading and uploading: how people misuse it??

Clearly, downloading and uploading file is very common activities done by internet user nowadays. No matter what songs they want to hear, what video they want to watch, they just simply search and retrieve the related link of web in the internet. However, because of internet providing with such an easy ways of downloading and uploading files, the users just simply misuse it.

It can be proven as the users simply log on into inappropriate web and downloading unreasonable things such as porn and so on. This is all because they are lack of civic realization within themselves. Because of that kind of things done by them also, they just ruined themselves by involving in social problems.. Can't you guyz see the link? By downloading porn movies, they will get influence until involves in that area. Same goes with the uploading activities.

As all of you already know, facebook is the simplest example that i would like to lookin' forward to. It's like a pattern on which the users like to upload their picture regardless if the pictures is appropriate or not. Somehow, they are too daring to upload such a bad thing and showing off their "good" asset. In this case, who should be blame? Downloading and uploading, do you have any idea how serious it can be? It starts only to get update with the latest music and videos but it end up by ruining themselves to the worst.. What say you guyz?? Open your eyes and think for a while..


  1. Assalamualaikum ali..
    About the downloading and uploading:how people misuse it?..I agree with you about how people misuse the downloading of the negative sites more rather than educational sites. We can see that the social problem of our country is increase because of the easy access on the websites from all age

  2. Agree with u Ali..
    Use the technology with good purpose..

  3. hye najwa, thanx for the response, yes, totally agree with you, it such a sad thing as we heard that kind of thing right? hope that every user will find out the true reason of using internet ..

  4. hey far, yup, just make the clearance about the real and good purpose of using internet..