Monday, February 8, 2010

Blogging and Netiquette..??

To be start with, blogging is one of most popular column that has been joined by people from all over the world. By blogging, they can expressed every single thing that crossed in their mind. Unfortunately, nowadays most people just simple write without think first. This can be proven by harsh words using by them that we can easily seen from social network such as facebook, the important social web currently..

Well, we all know that personal blog is free to anyone to express what they want to, but they have to beware with the netiquette, which is the good ethics that need to be look up importantly to avoid any bad impression by people whom following our blog. Regardless not only blogging, but anything relates with the internet.

Once you know the real netiquette and what the relevance by practicing it, you will think wisely first before you will simply write whatever that you want. As for me, i do have my own personal blog and i do use some harsh words before this, but once i already know about the ethic in using internet, i will never write something stupid again.. =)


  1. do you know,there are people fighting just because of this kind of thing?
    they tend to wrote whatever they wanted in their blog. even though some of them already know about the netiquette.
    it such a shame.

  2. yes pya, from general to personal problems. it kinda funny and distracting others..