Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Netiquette Symbols ;)

:-) Smiley Face - Happy

:-( Frown - Sad

|:-} Calm

>:-( Angry Frown - Upset

;-) Wink

:-O Yell

|-O Yawn - Bored

:-@ Scream

:-* Kiss

Hey guys, previously, i already wrote about the real netiquette when you want to send an email to your friends, clicks, relatives and other people that you used to know.

Now, i want to share with you guyz about the symbols of netiquette and its meaning. Before i really learn about netiquette, the symbols that i know just limited such as smiley happy face, sad and frowning, kiss, yell and wink. All the symbols is already drew by me in the beginning. Actually, there are a lot of symbols that i just find out when i do research about this netiquette.

And here are some symbols that me myself just discovered it's existence. Check it out..

:-! Foot-In-Mouth

:-& Tongue Tied

>;#[ You need a punch in the nose

:- Male

>- Female

:-Q Smoker

:-{ Moustache

8-) Eye-Glasses

d:-) Baseball Hat

C=:-) Chef

:)~ Snake Tongue

:`(```` Crying

<:( Dunce

~:) Little Baby

You see, I am very sure that most of you guyz don't have any idea how this symbols can be used in netiquette right? Well, after you discovered this "new" and "fresh" symbol in the making, why don't you try send it to your friends. I'm sure they will get confused and at the same time, they still smiling with it. ;)


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