Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Advantages by using Netiquette

Netiquette, Netiquette, Netiquette...

What is or are the advantage/s of using netiquette in our life? Why do you think people using netiquette? Why they have to make use of netiquette as compulsory in their life? not just so-so and arrogantly saying that netiquette is not important at all?

Well, to make strong opinion about using netiquette,

netiquette can keep good relation among internet user. why i am saying so? It is simple because when you use proper and manner language, it just can keep yourself as respected person among others. They also tend to have such good impression by reading all your writing and whatever did you post it..


when you use good netiquette, other people will tend to keep following your writing especially in blog and it will give you, yourself happy feeling if you find out that everybody's is following what you're saying and writing. Then, you also will tend to write more and more about your experience by that. At least, someone is know what the things you are doing and currently doing.

What else? I think this two example is more than enough to give full thought for everybody's who are really use good netiquette. If you guys know how to play with your manner in writing via online, i think, you will facing no problems to write only good things for any purpose that you tend to do ;)

You can be as happy as this guy if your proper manner is acceptable by all people when you use good netiquette ;)

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