Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How bad Netiquette can make your life miserable?

Bad Netiquette+Bad ethic+bad attitude= MISERABLE LIFE!

Yes, still, i am continuing about netiquette, but for this time, I feel called to talk and discuss about HOW BAD NETIQUETTE CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE..

It is funny when simple ethic, but if it is break by internet user, it can make their life such in nightmare and miserable. Why i am saying this? This is specially dedicated for those who KNOW about netiquette, but they just simply ignore and neglecting it until it can affect their life in first place..

Lets say if student A like to express his unsatisfied feeling via blogging. He likes to up to date every single thing that happened within him and it is more to unlucky. Yes, it is one of better ways to release everything, but unfortunately, this student A like to use HARSH WORDS, CURSING OTHER PEOPLE, USING NEGATIVE SYMBOLS and using all writing in CAPITAL LETTER only to express his anger by blogging...

What do you think will going to happen if other people who are in the same networking with this student A and also like to do blogging read all his writing??

I'm sure they will tend to feel annoying, obnoxious, angry and tension by reading this student's A blog. This is all because the student A just not follow the proper netiquette through social networking. He just not getting bad feedback by others, but also he already break the rules by that!

In long term issue, people who discovered his blog will getting annoyed to follow his blog and all his writing.. Other people also will tend to condemn him due to his improper manner in networking area..

From this, you can see and find out that because of the student A did not follow the real and proper netiquette, his life that already in unlucky situation is getting worst as other people keep condemning his writing. I'm really sure, this thing mostly happened among us nowadays.

This thing won't be too serious if every individual know how to deal with other people in networking area, and it is including not only your writing, but also on how you'll behave once you start sitting in front of your laptop.

Proper manner not only can be defined by your out self, but it simply start by your inner self and you can live your life happily if your criteria is just good in other people's view ;)

Using bad netiquette and doesn't follow its protocol is most likely as same as prisoner in jail once you do it..

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