Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Netiquette in FUTURE??


Nobody can predict what will and going to happen. It is as same as this netiquette issue. Do you guyz think it will be good or getting worst?

I also do not have any thought on this due to nowadays, people who are involves in networking area is using such a bad netiquette rather than the proper one. Who should be blame? Is it simple cliche answer that it will goes to parents who doesn't know their children activity or the government who doesn't take any action regarding social networking??

But need to reminded guys, it's not them to be put the blame on. just ask yourself what action that lead you to react on what you're doing right this moment? It's not them who ask you to write BAD PHRASES, BAD WORDS, or even HARSH WORDS to your personal writing right?

to have such a good future in netiquette, why don't you try to follow this PROPER NETIQUETTE FIRST!! ;)


Yes, even how many times we will and tend to either ask or comment and condemn, still, this netiquette matters will be keep continuing..

But at least as a citizen, the good one, I do have a hope with all this due to I am one of the blog user..

What i'm hoping to? I'm really hope that there is no such inappropriate words use in any social web.
Because I do have follow a few blogs which I considered the owner is using better netiquette one. I don't bother to keep me updating with those who have problems to write and post the good ones.

Hey, I'm only a human being, I do have feeling at the time I'm reading such those inappropriate words. It just lead me to feel annoying with the owner of inappropriate writing column..

Well, I personally hope for those who are following my blog and reading all my posts regarding NETIQUETTE, please think twice in any circumstances that you will and to do. It just not for others sake, but JUST YOU... ONLY YOU..

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